Capabilities Electronic circuit design Design of Microchip PIC based digital, analogue and power circuit control circuits PCB layout Schematic circuit design, including netlist output checking. Multilayer PCB design with design rule checking. Software design Software writing in Assembler for minimum code size and maximum speed utilisation.   PCB manufacture We are able to source ‘standard’ single and double sided boards as well as multilayer PCBs at very competitive prices. RoHS compliant finishes available, Electroless Gold/Nickel, Immersion silver and MSP. Surface mount and Through Hole assembly Fine pitch machine placement of SMT components from 0402, Melf, Mini- melf, cylindrical components, transistors, SOT diodes, integrated circuits 0.5 mm pitch (20 mil), TQFP, PLCC and LCCC integrated circuits up to 35 mm, trimmers, inductors, connectors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors up to 10.5 mm high. The placement area and the maximum printed circuit board dimensions are 440 x 360 mm. Three zone digitally controlled reflow oven with a conveyor size of 400mm. Wave solder machine for conventional through hole components. All manufacturing processes RoHS compliant. Functionality testing Custom test rigs are employed in testing. Our customers often works with us to design a system that meets their test criteria. Resin encapsulation and conformal coating Encapsulation of electronic components using either flame retardant 94V0 resin or Polyurethane compounds. PCBs can also be conformal coated to provide extra environmental protection and electrical insulation. Final product assembly Final assembly of PCBs and wiring etc into enclosure, threadlocking, label printing and application including serial numbering, bar coding etc. Other solvent and heat resistant label materials available. Wiring & looming manufacture Design and specification of equipment wiring looms. 0.1 to 2.5mm2 looms terminated with industry standard connectors, including Molex, Amp, Pheonix etc. Our capabilities in both design and production ensure we can take your project from prototype to market.